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  • The Capintro Advantage
  • The Capintro team maintains extensive and exhaustive coverage of the Middle East market with emphasis on the institutional market.  The solid relationships with clients who have been active with members of our team for over a decade are carefully looked after and always held first.

    In addition, our salespeople and management all have institutional backgrounds spanning asset management, sales and trading.  Together, we maintain a deep understanding and experience in global financial markets and extensive experience marketing investments, specifically complex strategies, risk management and client selection methods.

    Capintro differentiates itself with client coverage beyond the usual banks, insurance and investment companies to include telecom companies, family offices, corporations, manufacturing and services companies.

    As part of the partnership with managers and product providers, Capintro provides managers with transparency of clients and relationships.

    The Board of Directors, Management and Professional team has a proven historical track record of achieving strong asset raising and deal closing results and is very well known throughout the financial services industry in the Middle East.