Capintro Partners

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  • Philosophy & Approach
  • Based on investor demand, Capintro identifies products that can be differentiated and provide value to our client portfolios.  Upon identifying a product, a rigorous due diligence process begins spanning a manager's operations, risk management practices, capacity constraints, investment disciplines as well as back-ground checks.

    The Capintro team has built a diverse multi-asset platform and aligns itself with high quality equity, credit, hedge, real estate and private equity managers with sound investment philosophies and strategies.

    The evaluation process encompasses analytical and quantitative reviews to evaluate managers and determine their competitive advantages versus their peer group as well as their correlation to a broad array of indices. Experience, talent, and integrity of the portfolio management team are key ingredients in the evaluation. Conflicts of interest brought about by overlapping strategies are avoided.

    Capintro’s success is driven by the ability to efficiently utilize the time of potential investors and our investment managers.  Excellence in placement is gained through a comprehensive understanding of our investors’ needs and the investment process of our investment managers.